How to Manifest Your Dreams

By | July 5, 2012

Hey Everyone, this is Elaine Sarantakos and in this video I want to share with you a little bit about my own personal experience with the law of attraction and trying to be the person that it is you want to be and how to manifest that into you life. The Law of attraction says that it is very important to see in your minds eye who it is what you want to be, what it is you want to achieve, or how it is you want to live your life.

It is a very important to do the visualization, but it is just as important to take ACTION steps as though you are already that person.

Last year for example was my travel project where I created “ Living on a Permanent Vacation,” where I worked 3 weeks and the last week of every month, I went on vacation. In January, I started taking a few videos in Cuba and uploaded them on You Tube. I didn’t realized how much it was that I loved to make these videos and share them. Having lived abroad in Greece, The Caymans, Mexico, Spain, & The Canadian Rockies, I always wanted to share with people all of the beautiful things that I was experiencing through travel. We weren’t living in the online social media world that we are today so as I created these videos, I really fell in love with sharing authentic travel experiences.

I created videos last year, and then in July I bought my Macbook pro and started editing my videos rather than just putting a video up. I realized even more that I love travelling, I love sharing these experiences and I love making these videos. It was as though I created throughout the 12 months a portfolio of all my travel videos of being a travel host. It was with these videos, that I was able to use it and audition to be a travel host for a travel show. I have made it to the 3rd round, of course that doesn’t mean I have the show, but it does goes to show you that it was action steps that was taken from visualization, from imagination, that was implemented that brought me to where it is I am today. There are people who contact me related to travel asking all sorts of questions so I am viewed as a Travel Host now.

It is important to start taking the steps to what it is that you want to do. If you want to be confident, you have to start acting confident. You have to think what kind of action steps did that person take, in order to achieve and to be where it is they want to be? I don’t know if I didn’t take videos last year, if I would have been considered to be a travel host for the show. I think all of my videos show that I have a passion for travel and hopefully that will take be to be a travel host on a show. You have to start taking action! Don’t just think about it! Don’t just visualize it! Once you start taking those steps, people will take you seriously and will see you as this person. You can do, be and have whatever you want. Start taking action steps today for what it is you want to manifest into your life.

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach

Elaine is a Toronto based Life Coach. Please contact for Life Coaching Services. Coaching services are held internationally via Skype.

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