You lied! I’m eating pig’s ears! Why are Spanish people so in love with pig’s? lol

By | July 11, 2011

After our yummy Tapas, Sergio and I made our way to a restaurant where we sat down. He ordered for us Spanish Ham Croquettes ( Croquetas de Jamón) and something else that he said was torro which means bull in Spanish. Interesting, so I tried being I was in Spain. Yuk! It was crispy, and crunchy and just yuk! I couldn’t eat it, so I looked at the menu when I discovered there was no torro on the menu but there was “Orejas de Cerdo, which means pig’s ears!!!!! You lied to me Sergio! I’m eating fried pig’s ears!! WTF! lol…… He explained if he told me what they were, I wouldn’t have eaten it! Well, no kidding! LOL…….. Why is this country so in love with pigs?? I mean as a little girl, I was too. I loved Charlotte’s Webb, and even have a Piggie Swarovski crystal, but I liked them as cute animals. I don’t need to eat their ears!

Spanish Pig's Ears, Orejas de Cerdo

So, I ordered a Totilla de Patata instead which is an egg omellete with potatoes. Now, that’s more like it! Gracias Sergio! That was an authentic eating travelling experience alright! I’m full, nada mas!

Tortilla de Patatas

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