Here in Spain I don’t want to see and do, I just want to be.

By | July 12, 2011

Andalusia By Bus!

We are almost in Granada! Sweeeet! The bus has a T.V monitor which shows how much longer we have to our destination of Granada. Although Granada is not on the coast, the map shows we are in Andalusia surrounded by the sea. I love it! And we’re close enough! Green mountains with olive trees, how picturesque! I can’t wait to get off the bus. I am so glad I decided to leave Madrid to come and explore others parts of Spain. Last time I was in Spain with my girlfriends we bypassed Granada, and I was oh so sad. I heard this is the place to be!

This is my 6th vacation of the year. My last three trips were London, Paris and New York. Three world class cities with a plethora of things to see and do. Here in Spain, I don’t want to see and do, I just want to be. It’s really important that be, just as much as we do. Leaving NYC and being a highly sensitive person, I was over-stimulated by everything that surrounded me. My energy was gone with exhaustion. It was my 5th vacation of the year and my body was calling out to relax. When you go to a destination everyone tells you that you must go here and there. The guides books will tell you the same and probably my blog posts would recommend places for you to visit too. lol Perhaps there is a time and place for each vacation you want to take. Sometimes you want to relax, sometimes you want to discover, sometimes you want to party and at times you want all three!

Sometimes packing a vacation in with things to do is just like people living their lives in the hustle and bustle of it all with no attention to the now. I think we have been conditioned to cram everything in on a holiday with the belief that ” when are we going to come back?” Stating a belief like that already sets the intention that you won’t go back and that’s what Universe will deliver. I’d prefer to go at my own pace, and if I want and it’s meant, I will come back and see it. If you want to return, you will! It’s time to just BE!

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