On a bus to Granada next to a creeper. Yuk!

By | July 12, 2011

I’m on the bus to Granada. I just changed my seat to the very back because of a person I consider a CREEPER!! So, getting on this bus a man in his 50’s gave me a big smile. You know me, I smile to the world, but in this case my intuition was saying ” alert, alert, this man is a creeper!” He was starring at me. Ahhh, this is uncomfortable. As he got on the bus, I see he took a seat on the right hand side. In my head, I was thinking please Universe not next to him, not next to him. I don’t want to sit for 5 hours on a bus next to this dude.

What does the Law of Attraction say? The Universe does not care if what you are thinking and feeling is positive or negative. The Law of Attraction delivers what you pay attention to, wanted and unwanted!

As my focus was to not to sit next to him, my seat was assigned next to him. The Universe delivers to what you are asking for! OMG, FML Was thinking!!! LOL

I took a seat on the aisle next to him and he gave me a big smile. fml, fml…… I lowered the arm rest between us, although I wanted the separation to be the distance from Spain to Australia. Division is good!

So then he did something that I was not expecting! He pulled out some nasty cheap cologne and sprayed it three times and then turned to me giving a big smile. Talk about unkosher! YUK! There was no way I was going to sit with him for this 5 hour journey to Granada. There was also no way I was going to attempt to speak Spanish with him. For all I cared, I’d go to Granada saying no hablo espanol!

Uncomfortable, akward, and smelly, I could not spend 5 hours of the bus wearing my short shorts and having him stare at my thighs. It was at this time, for the first time in my life, I wanted to be covered wearing a Burka.

I took my backpack and went looking for the bus driver to ask if I could change my seats. He said I could sit at any empty sit. Gracias! I walked past the man not even looking at him. You know like in the game of Monopoly, pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail! So here I am at the back of the bus alone. What a different perspective this bus journey will now be!

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