Appreciating Toronto’s TTC Bus drivers in Spain! xoxo

By | July 13, 2011

Wow, foreign bus drivers really make me appreciate Toronto’s TTC driver even more! So listen what happened. lol To get to the Hostel Makuto, I was told to take the number 3 or 33 bus to the Cathedral and from there I would walk through the Arabic Market until I reached. I got out of the bus station in Granada and saw a sign directing me 150 m to the bus station. The bus ride cost €1.20. ( The nice thing about Spanish buses is that you don’t need to give exact fare because they have change if needed!) I got off at what looked like a massive church I was thinking. Maybe it’s Moorish style I thought. AH, WRONG! lol I was at the wrong stop. ha ha ha So I went back to the bus stop and waited. Actually, I tried finding the street Gran Via and stopped someone for directions, when they told me the Cathedral was a 15 minute walk. Ohhhh!!! lol

Not the Cathedral in Granada!

Once on the bus, I explained to the bus driver that I got off on the wrong stop. In Canada, or at least in Toronto if you get off on the wrong stop our nice TTC bus drivers will give you a transfer and you can go right back on it without paying again. Ok, Elaine you landed in Spain and these are not Toronto TTC bus drivers!!! lol He told me to pay again! What? Pay again?? I showed him my ticket stating that I just paid with with time and explained it was a mistake. You think the Spanish bus driver cared? lol So I paid again. What’s a tourist to do, walk in the crazy heat of 35 C Spain with a backpack and luggage for €1.20? It just made me realize even more how grateful I am for our bus drivers back home. It also made me realize what is and what isn’t a Cathedral! lol Fun times!

I got off at the cathedral. YUP, this looks like a cathedral alright! What was I thinking getting off at the other stop??

Granada's Cathedral

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