Changing My Story

By | July 17, 2009

After writing my story about my current situation in Madrid and after telling many friends of Facebook, I knew I had to change my story I was telling myself because clearly I wasn’t in alignment with all the positive things to flow into my Spanish experience.

I just got here two weeks ago, and still have many experiences to have within the next two and a half months here. I have been guilty of thinking about all the things I don’t want to experience in Spain being the distance, the family and not speaking Spanish. It must change!

What do I want?

  • Really, I want to stay in Spain until September 29 th when I booked my flight home. ( Why would I have bought a ticket to experience and then cut myself short because of a family?)
  • I would like to find a new Spanish family that would love me and consider me apart of their family.
  • I want a change in a city!
  • I want to have two fabulous weeks with my two friends who are coming from Canada August 3 rd – 18 th.
  • I want to improve my Spanish speaking skills.
  • I want to explore Spain!!!!

With all of this wonderful things I want and can have and all the wonderful things I have alreadly experienced here,I have been spending an awful amount of energy on the things I haven’t wanted. So yesterday I CHANGED MY THOUGHTS!!!!!

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