What Happened After I Changed my Story

By | July 17, 2009

As soon as I decided to change my story, I felt a HUGE shift in my natural energy. I didn’t feel sad and disappointed anymore rather excited and eager for all my new adventures here in Spain!

Let’s think about it for a second. I am in SPAIN!!! I am not really working! It’s summer time! Hello Elaine?????? LOL Things could be a lot worse!

The family I am staying with is leaving tomorrow morning for London for a week which means I am a free lady to do whatever I want. I hope to go to Toledo, Segovia and spend many days exploring Madrid. Tomorrow is an Au-Pair picnic in Retiro Park which will be exciting as there will be many new girls all in the Madrid area and all wanting friends to go out with! I was also offered to stay at a friends house for a week or as many days as I would like in Madrid so that I don’t have to travel back and forth to a house alone.

Then my fabulous friends are coming to Spain which will be our first time in Europe together! I guess I can take another vacation in my vacation. LOL My family and friends think I am always on vacations because of the destinations I have worked in. I think everyone should be on a permanent vacation always!!! Much more fun if you ask me!!

As I changed and became more positive I received an email from Au-Pair World ( a free agency online, why I paid $480 I still don’t know LOL) from a family in Barcelona who is interested in me. I was sooooooooo happy! Then, I went on facebook and had a women message me if I was still interested in becoming an Au-Pair which I AM!!! I added her as a friend and we were chatting back and forth. Turns out she is from Barcelona too!

I don’t know you if you recall my earlier blogs about how I decided to come to Spain? Quick recap here!!! I had a dream in January I flew to Barcelona and it was the most beautiful dream I had in my life. It was so real that when I woke up I knew I had to go to Barcelona. Then in March, I watched the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona and fell in love! Two days after watching the movie I decided that is it, I’m spending my fabulous summer in Spain! The only reason why I did not want to go to Barcelona was because they spoke Catalan and I wanted to improve my Spanish speaking skills.

What I really wanted from the beginning was to experience the feeling of the city of Barcelona! Perhaps my intentions/universe is pulling me in that direction because that is really what I wanted from the beginning. Interesting eh!

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