Could Asturias be my new home?

By | July 18, 2009

I received an email today from another family in Spain to be an Au-Pair, however this time in Oviedo which is the capital of the northern region Asturias.
I would be a big sister to a little girl named Rosi who was adopted from the Dominican Republic! She understands and speaks English fluently and likes playing! It would be perfect because those were my intentions at this home until I realized 10 & 14 year olds prefer watching t.v and being on Facebook!!! lol So, this time I would actually be an Au-Pair, yeah and that’s a reason why I came!!!!
The family would be on vacation and returning on August 18th which is the same day my two best friends from Toronto are returning. The twilight zone doo doo doo doo!!! lol The mother works as an oncologist in the hospital and the father is a biochemistry professor at the university. I really have no idea what both entail however they sound really smart and SHHHHHHHH way over my head to understand!! They also live walking distance from the city centre which means CIVILIZATION!!!! It looks like historic city just like Pamplona which as you know I fell in love with! I messaged the family in Barcelona to see if there was any news and to let them know I have another family interested in me. Let’s see where Au-Pairing will take me!

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