Meeting Friends On Your Journey of Travel

By | July 21, 2011

Jonas & Elaine

Travelling around this year, I always meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. Each person has a story to share about their own authentic journey. Everyone thinks it’s brave and adventurous for me to travel alone, but while away I meet many people who are travelling alone as well. It’s not a coincidence. We are suppose to meet for some reason whether it’s to learn, share, just laugh in the moment or have cervezas and tapas…… like in Granada!! 😛

It seems though, when two travellers come together, they can open up and talk just about anything, sharing much more of themselves than they usually would. People share information that maybe they wouldn’t even tell their bestfriend!!! I’m serious! I wonder why that is? Is it because they are like minded coming together, or chances are you won’t see the person again and it gives you a space to express all of your thoughts, or because the person is listening with no judgement? It could have to do with many factors.

Maybe it’s the adventure, or the exploration of the place, but something happens when travelling. In Granada, I met Jonas as I was walking out the gates of The Alhambra into the city. He had the traveller spirit within him, which is probably how we attracted each other to meet by the Universe. He is around my age from Sweden, who was travelling France, Portugal & Spain. He was my best-friend for the day! We spent the entire day exploring new and old Granada, having Cervezas and Tapas again and again, and then ending out day at St. Nicolas to experience the view of The Alhambra and of course to sit and have a drink while enjoying the view …. AGAIN!!! LOL We laughed so much, and shared so many stories. It was only for a day, but somehow travel bonds people together creating a magical memory. Or at least to me.. It was a bitter sweet goodbye when parting. It’s like thank you so much for coming into my journey for the day because we had a fabulous time, and I wish you all the luck in the future, and I hope to reconnect if we cross paths. Most often than not you don’t meet again, but you have that moment of how you felt during that day to keep with you forever. It’s nice to capture a moment in time that you can revisit and look back on, that made you feel so good. :) I will always remember that special day with Jonas in Granada.

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