The Best View In Granada : Mirador St. Nicolas

By | July 21, 2011

From St. Nicolas church you can find the best view in Granada! You can see the entire city, The Alhambra and the mountains with snow peaks in the background!!! Spanish Flamenco music playing, ahhhhh this is the life. St. Nicolas is a church on a hill just north of The Arabic Market through tiny white cobble stones streets that are so rustic, it makes you think of how many things have passed through here during time.

It’s so beautiful! Oh, Granada, I love you!! xoxoxo As soon as you reach the church you will hear Spanish Flamenco singers playing the guitar. Ohhhh I’m in love, I’m in love. Not with the guitarist, the music I mean. lol Hey, maybe this is a great place for a wedding proposal? Not right next to the Flamenco guitarists, but maybe somewhere on the side?? Gentlemen, that’s food for thought!

St. Nicolas, Granada

My name in Arabic! " Elaine"

You can have your name written in Arabic for €1.00. That man is a smart business man! No costs, expenses, or taxes to pay in his business venture. I have to tell ya, it’s pretty smart. He makes conversation with tourists like myself and asks if you want your name written in Arabic. I had never really thought of it before, but I mean it it’s a €1.00 sure!!! LOLLOLOL See, smart business man! He got my €1.00!

I bought two flowers to put in my hair. One red and the other one orange which just clipped to the side of my hair. I thought the flowers fitted the moment of listening to the Flamenco singers sing and play the guitar, and you know after my cervezas all day. I turned into a Spanish Lady! ole!! lol

I met a cute doggie and started speaking Spanish to her!! lol Awww foreign doggies are so cute!!

Jonas and I decided to go and enjoy yet another drink, I mean we are in Granada! lol Might as well! So, we sat at a beautiful restaurant overlooking The Alhambra and soaked it all in. Hey, we even splurged and bought €8.00 Gin/tonics which was well deserved after our hard day of The Alhambra, Cervezas and tapas! We were so use to paying €2.00 which included our drink and tapas that we forgot regular prices. lol And that’s the way the cookie crumbles! 😛

Gin/Tonics, It's a hard life! lol

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