The History of Spanish Tapas

By | July 21, 2011

Travelling throughout Granada in Andalusia, you will soon realize it is home of Tapas in Spain. Tapas are small bite size dishes that come with drinks that you order. It is actually an incentive to drink alcohol and receive free tapas because it can even work our cheaper than ordering food as the drinks come. However, behind this fun, bargain of a deal, there is history as to how it came into place.

There are different stories I heard as to possibly how it came to be! It is said The King Alfonso X made it law! What kind of a King was this? What kind of a King would create such a rule? He must have been open minded or a party man! Let’s cheers to him! During his time in the 13th Century he became very ill, and was only able to eat small bites at a time with wine. So he was sick and boozing it? LOL ok, Riggggght!!! He then made it rule that no one can serve alcohol unless serves with these bite size dishes.

Then there is the story where King Alfonso XII went to Cadiz which is also in Andalusia. The area of Cadiz is very windy! (It’s also right next to Tarifa where I paid 80 Euro a night and couldn’t go to the beach because there was too much sand blowing. LOL, FML I was thinking, I’m from Canada and I need a beach! lol) He went to a Tavern and was served a glass of wine with a slice of cured ham covering it to prevent the sand coming inside. Then the King ordered another glass and with a “tapa.” Which means to cover!!!!

Then it is said King Felipe saw the productivity of the people not being high. They would drink in their spare time which of course impacted their productivity, or as HR people say, “it decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.” LOL So, he made it law that they start receiving tapas. Wait a minute, these Spaniards drink more than the Brits? I don’t know about this one!!

And then this picture above says it’s to prevent insects from coming into the drink. Well, whatever the true story of how Tapas came into existence may be, we all benefit from the Spanish Tapas Experience. OLE!

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