Au-Pair Picnic

By | July 23, 2009

On Saturday I finally made it to the Au-Pair picnic at 8:00 p.m. althought it started at 5:00 p.m. Ops! At first when Koa and I existed out of the Metro Station Retiro, we could see the park right infront of us however there were no crosslights so we must have walked 1o minutes so so even though it was right infront of us!
I met different Au-Pairs from The States, Finland and Holland in Retiro Park right on the grass across from to the paddle boats. We all shared our stories of how we got here, how we decided to be an Au-Pair, how we are liking it, and of course stories of the families!! My friend Liz who is on the right of me in the picture had a story I can’t even explain as she did! I wish I had only captured it for You Tube! She had such bad luck on her trip to Pamplona! I remember seeing her at the bus station there and when we said goodbye it went all downhill for her all in less than 24 hours!! From her passport being stolen, to going into a club and having a bottle smash of her forehead to being unconscious and taken to the hospital with no I.D, to getting out and realizing she had her wallet stolen ( NO I.D, NO MONEY, NO TICKET HOME) to begging the Bus Driver to let her on. It was a mess! Now she is trying to see how she is gonna get out of the country! Pobrecita as they say in Spanish. ( Poor girl)

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