My Friend Alvaro

By | July 23, 2009

During my first few weeks I have been fortunate to meet a good Spanish friend to share my time with and take me around Madrid. At first I was sooooooo excited because finally I had someone to speak to in Spanish once I left the house. After awhile everytime I saw him, he’d speak to me in English! JA JA I told him ” Vine aqui a aprender mas espanol y tu me hables en ingles” Translation ” I came here to learn more Spanish and you speak to me in English.” Too funny!
Even when when we meet up to meet his friend Carlos, they both want to speak in English. They even insisted for me to stay in Madrid and for them to pay me money and for me to become their English teacher. I told them to go onto a Facebook Au-Pair group and to meet many English speaking people. Usually now Alvaro speaks in English and I speak in Spanish. Sometimes I even tell him ” Lo siento, no hablo ingles.” ( Sorry, I don’t speak English!)

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