My Moroccan Suite, Hospederia Almundo Hotel in Tarifa

By | July 25, 2011

Moroccan Suite, Hospederia Almundo in Tarifa

I was really desperate to find a hotel in Spain for the night of the big holiday San Juan. Everywhere was booked! Where to go, where to go? The receptionist Marta at the hostel in Makuto in Granada, called a hotel she knew in Tarifa called Hospederia Almundo & helped me booked a Moroccan Suite. I didn’t know what to expect. I was just grateful to get there and take a shower!!! I was so hot and sweaty! Yuk! lol

Hotel Lobby in Hospederia Almundo

From the bus station I walked 10 minutes in finding the hotel. As soon as I walked in from the lobby, I could tell that it was well kept, and had new renovations. The Lobby had a minimalist feel to it. I was greeted by a friendly lady working at the reception who showed me to my room. There were hotel rooms downstairs and upstairs were the suites. There were suites resembling Paris, Cancun, New York, Tokyo, Morocco and Cancun! So I have a suite all to myself?????? From hostel to a suite?? Oh wow, I guess I’m cool???? lol Cool, or I had no other choice in finding hotel room because they were all booked, so I had the only option for a suite? Whatever the case, it was meant to be for me to have booked this suite! And I was extremely happy to pay €80 a night for it!

I fell in love with my Moroccan Suite as I entered. All I knew from booking was that it would look Moroccan but how?

Oh wow, the crown molding all looks Arabic!!! And it’s a canopy bed with tulle and satin pillows!!! And a pretty sitting area! And candles, and insense to burn!!!Ohhhhh this is so nice! I am so happy! I so deserve this! I loved the hostel, but this suite and I was just meant to be! It’s so nice to gift ourselves!!!

I went to my sliding doors to take a look at the view. I could see Africa in front of me. It was that moment looking out at the sun glistening upon the sea of Tarifa and Morocco, did I think of Santiago from The Alchemist and I started to cry. I was really meant to be here I thought.

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