A Sunday in Madrid with my Couch Friend

By | July 27, 2009

I couldn´t have asked for a better location for my couch experience in Madrid than walking distance from Retiro park in the centre. As you exist from his apartment which in Canada we would call Condo you feel already that you are in the city with shops, restaurants, and people walking on the street. This is what I wanted!!

I was really looking forward to the couch experience however the couch turned into my own room with a bed. Voila! Not too bad eh? Here I was before thinking where the heck and I going to stay and right before my eyes I discovered this couch surfing concept. It happened at the most perfect time.

Yesterday we walked through Retiro Park and he explained some statues and about the park in general. He said that the park used to be private for the royalty and they used to have big orgies in the garden. WHAT? So you learn something new everyday!

We then later met up with some of his friends in La Latina which is an old area in Madrid with many bars all along the street. He said we are going to go for a beer which I thought ok Cool. I was thinking we were going to sit nicely at a table and enjoy a glass. We went to a little bar which was like a bar at night but during the day with people standing with their drinks, music playing loudly and smoke everywhere.

So they ordered a round of beer and then another and wanted another. We went to another bar close by which was also packed and had something like a glass of Sangria and another. Apparently this is how a typical Sunday in Madrid goes after all it is a day off meant to be enjoyed!

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