The Alchemist is fiction, but in Tarifa I could feel it as real as real.

By | July 28, 2011

Looking at Morocco from Tarifa, Spain

Checking out my Moroccan suite in Tarifa, I slid the doors open to take a look at the view from the balcony. It was at the moment looking out at the sun glistening upon the sea of Tarifa and across to Morocco, did I think of Santiago from The Alchemist and I started to cry. Cry, well I started to ball my eyes out. lol I didn’t think about Paulo Coelho’s classic book, The Alchemist until this very moment that I was on the balcony! If you haven’t read The Alchemist, you should!

This book really resonated with me! Like the shepherd boy Santiago from Andalusia who did anything to follow his dreams in seeing the world, that is how I am with travel and seeing the world. He gave up being a priest and going to seminary school because he knew he wouldn’t see the world that way. He told his Father he wanted to explore, and see where people lived and their castles. His Father said that they have the best castles and women etc etc, but Santiago didn’t care because he wanted to explore. His father told him only the rich travel and the only other ones are the shepherd boys. So then he decided that is what he would become. That resonates with me because ever since young, I have been doing anything to follow my big love in life which is as you know: TRAVEL! I did an exchange program, I studied Hotel Management, I worked in resorts, I was a beach girl in The Cayman islands serving pina coladas up and down the beach barefoot, and heck I was even an Au-Pair!

Santiago shows us to follow your omens and your personal legend because if you don’t, that is what will haunt you at the end of your life. Your life is here to live! Follow your passions, your omens, your heart which is your personal legend.

As I looked out at the sea, I could see Santiago’s journey of travelling from Tarifa to Morocco. I know this book is fiction, but in Tarifa but I could feel it as real as real. I knew once I was there, I was meant to be there!

Lots of Love,

Elaine xoxoxoxo

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