Tinto de Verano, Olives, Gazpacho, yes I’m in Spain!

By | July 28, 2011

Time to eat! Hora para comer!!

Coming back from the beach in Tarifa, I had no idea there was an old part to the town. I thought it was just the main strip on the main road. The main street you take from entering Tarifa is not as pretty as the old town, so don’t get sad when you see lots of construction taking place all around. Even I thought, oh my gosh, I shouldn’t take pictures of some areas!

I asked a local where there were some restaurants and she lead me to one where she said had a variety of dishes and was reasonably priced just down the street and to the left. I was greeted my the waitress Paloma who was working in Tarifa for the summer. She actually spent some time living and working in Granada, which is where I just came from. She was from the city called Ciudad Real, which was the city we stopped for 15 minutes from Madrid to Granada on the Alsa bus. My Spanish geography is getting pretty good hey?? lol It seems lots of Spanish people move to the areas of tourism because it means more job opportunities. That’s just like in Greece and I assume many other Mediterranean countries as well.

I ordered a Tinto de Verano which reminds me of a Sangria but lighter in flavour. mmm yummy! Paloma brought me some Spanish green olives to go along with them. I ate every single one of course, which is very natural to me. Being Greek, I think I can eat olives even at breakfast!! I ordered a gazpacho soup which is very typical of Andalusia. Gazpacho is a cold soup made from tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, onion, olive oil and salt. I think some people add cumin! It was served chilled in a glass. Absolutely delicious!!! Next?? I ordered a Vegetarian pizza. For some reason, I thought I was going to a paella place to eat, but it was a pizza place. LOL The pizza was good, but very large!! I asked for some tabasco sauce and Paloma sent me to the bar and told me to go to the maquina. Maquina? That means machine. Ok, vale. Vale is ok in Spanish, well in Spain that’s what they say. Vale!! I went to the maquina all confused, and that’s because she thought I was asking for Tabacco. LOL So funny!! No Tabasco, you know the hot stuff???

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