Attracting People Into My Life

By | August 1, 2009

As I mentioned before, I have found a new family to be an Au-Pair with from Barcelona right after my two friends from Toronto leave Spain. We first found each other after I had placed my profile on a site called Au-Pair World. The mother added me on Facebook where we were able to chat more and more. Initially I had told her I studied Hotel Management and had a lot of experience working in hospitality abroad and did not really get into the whole Life Coaching just yet. Life Coaching is a fairly new profession and has gained more popularity in Northern America, U.K and Australia. Europe does have Life Coaching however it is still even fresher here. I thought it might be a little too much to explain consciousness and awareness over Facebook Chat. What would she think about these ideas people are turning towards in the world? Would she still want me to take care of her children? Not to say Life Coaching or awareness is something wacky, just that there are people who still have no idea what it is all about and are living their lives reactively asleep instead or creatively in the directions of their intentions.

A few more chats later and I decided to tell her about Life Coaching and shared with her my website and You Tube Videos. She said ¨Wow we have a lot to talk about!¨It turns out this mother holds weekly Zen Meditation groups in Barcelona. GET OUT! I know, I know! She asked me if I had read Eckhart Tolle´s A New Earth & The Power of Now. That is a big YES!! Attracting a conscious family is not what I was expecting at all. But it makes sense as the Law Of Attraction brings people into your experience which you are asking for. Should I really be surprised?

The first two weeks with the family will be spent Camping on the coast of Tarragona which is 150km from Barcelona. Being a very calm and relaxing camp, the mother asked the camp owner if she would be able to hold daily meditation groups at the camp for people to retreat and connect. The owner was open to the idea if there were people interested in it! If that is the case perhaps I could do the same with Life Coaching and together we could gift people at the camp with our own workshop through connection to source and becoming conscious in creating their FABULOUS lives now!

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