Es Una Putada in Tarifa with the wind!

By | August 3, 2011

Holding my hair in Tarifa because of the wind!! lol " Es una Putada!"

My all time favourite Spanish phrase is, ” Es una putada!” Es una putada can be used when describing you are in a shitty situation or that something sucks. You can use it when things don’t go your way! I think the word putada comes from the Spanish word puta/puto or like in Greek and Italian Putana which means slut! So it’s a shitty situation. Maybe you can throw in a fml while you are there! LOL

I will show you in the video above how I used it in Tarifa, Spain with some other Spanish girls I met at the beach. We are in the most perfect situation in using the Spanish phrase, ” Es una putada!” We are in Tarifa on vacation paying to stay at a hotel when we can’t swim at the beach beach because it’s just too windy! How is it possible I am travelling from Canada and come to a beach and can’t sit on it? That’s when you say, “es una putada!” lol Es una putada that I don’t have an ocean in Toronto where I live and I come to Spain and can’t be on the beach! That’s una putada! lol see what I mean? That’s exactly how you use this expression!


Elaine xoxoxo

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