Archangel Michael told me not to go to Morocco. He was also selling toilet paper at the beach in Tarifa!

By | August 5, 2011

Sitting having a beer while writing in my journal…..

After my sangria, I walked around the streets of old Tarifa. Absolutely gorgeous! Tarifa, I love thee!

Elaine in Tarifa

I walked along the coast where they have daily ferries from Tarifa to Tanger in Morocco. Tanger is a shirt 35 minute ferry ride across from Tarifa. A one way ticket to Tanger from Tarifa is €39, but come on you will have to come back so it’s really €79! However, if you didn’t want to stay there for a few nights, you can always go for the day on an excursion for €60 leaving in the morning and returning in the evening around 5:00 p.m. It included the ferry, a tour and lunch! It was quite tempting for me. I could see Africa right before my eyes!!! When will I be in Morocco again? I have never been to Africa before. It was so close. One small detail! It would have to return back to Tarifa, leaving me less than 15 hours to return to Madrid by bus and get my flight to return to Canada. LOL I don’t even know the bus times. Small detail!

I wanted to go tomorrow to Cordoba which supposedly I have to go see! Cordoba is known to be a very authentic city in Spain all white, colonial and hot as hell I heard. The air is so thick with no wind. And here in Tarifa, the wind is blowing my hair away as I write and I’m scared the wind is going to blow my beer away. lol Maybe Tarifa can loan Cordoba some wind??? 😛 Hmmmm, Cordoba is situated above Sevilla. I guess perhaps it’s time to research how the heck I am going to get back to Madrid. If I don’t go to Cordoba, maybe I can pass through Sevilla? My flight was leaving at 1:00 p.m which means I should be there for 10:00 a.m. or so. That doesn’t really leave any time for Tanger, Cordoba, or Sevilla. lol After this beer, I will go to the bus station and find out. 😛

I found “La Chica Playa” in Tarifa which I was told lies in the Mediterranean Sea compared to the longer beach in Tarifa which belongs to the Atlantic Ocean! That’s kinda neat going to the Atlantic and Med within 3 minutes of walking distance!

Before reaching the beach along the sand, I met a man who told me his name was Angel Michael. He was standing in front of the toilets giving toilet paper out. I asked him like Archangel Michael??? He said YES! I asked if he was an Angel and he said YES! lol He told me not to go to Morocco! He advised me that it wouldn’t be safe for me to go with lots of Arabics and that it is better in Spain. I asked him if he had ever been to Morocco before and he told me no. Hmmmmm, Ok well it’s nice to meet you Archangel Michael! Thanks for the advice and by the way, ” Can you take a picture of me?” lol So he did!

I walked onto La Chica Playa and met 3 Spanish women who were sun tanning. It was still windy here, but seemed a bit more protected from the rocks and cliff surrounding which blocked out some of the wind. Not all, some! They were from Malaga here for a few days for the fiesta of San Juan. We started chatting and the wind started blowing. And then my bad Spanish words started coming out and I said, “es una putada!” They agreed! Es una Putada basically means it’s a shitty situation! It’s una putada to be in Tarifa with so much wind and not to be able to swim! Wouldn’t you agree?

Watch out video at La Chica Playa and how to use this fabulous Spanish expression, ” Es una Putada.”

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