Arriving in Skyros Island, Greece & Meeting Maria!

By | August 5, 2012

Greek Sun Rising in Skyros Island, Greece

One thing I always love about flying within Greece is, when you land, you always walk out by stepping down a set of stairs with the destination in front of you, rather than a ramp and into the airport. I arrived in Skyros at 6:55 a.m from Athens with Aegean Airlines, and watched the sun rise as we flew from above. I tried to capture it on my camera, but the pictures didn’t do any justice.

I thanked the pilot and flight attendant for the flight. “Euxaristso poli.” Thank you! The moment I stepped out, I didn’t care anymore that I hadn’t slept. I was stepping off the airplane and onto Greece soil! I saw before me mountains, & sea. I took a breathe in of Greek fresh island morning air. What does that smell like? I think it’s a mixture of smelling clean fresh air and the salt of the Aegean sea. Ahhhhhh, I want to scream. I don’t scream, but rather scream inside my head! Lol …

Aegean Airlines from from Athens to Skyros Island

Walking out of an airplane & down the stairs always makes me feel like I’m a celebrity walking on a red carpet. As if someone will be there to snap away with their camera. Snap snap. No picture please paparazzi!!! Usually I love pictures, but when you haven’t slept and your eyes look like they will pop out of your head, it’s a good thing you aren’t a celebrity. ( Yet… :P)

I bypass waiting to pick up my luggage since, Aegean Airlines somehow didn’t take it from London and exit straight through the doors. I am looking for Maria. Maria is the owner of Maestralia Residences in Skyros. Maestralia Residences is the site. I am staying with her in Skyros.

I’m looking and looking through the crowd of people. I had only seen one picture of her online. As soon as I saw her, I recognized her immediately & we hugged!

Maria from Maestralia Residences in Skyros

Here is a picture of me not looking like a Star. LOL

Elaine Sarantakos, Celebrity off of Aegean Airlines

This is a video from our first morning together.

Chora, Skyros Island, Greece

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