Travelling Seville For a Day!

By | August 6, 2011

It’s the last hour of our flight to Toronto with Air Transat after a week of travelling throughout Spain. Honestly, I’m really impressed I made my way back to Madrid, to the airport and on to this flight! lol I swear, it’s been a mission and a half. It’s been an adventure alright!

I arrived at the bus station in Sevilla. It looked familiar because it was the same bus station I had visited in 2009 with my girlfriends when taking the bus from Seville to La Linea. It was there my friends Jeannie and I were chased by what looked like a homeless man wearing women’s sandles that were pink and blue with straps that tied around his ankles. We were literally chased down the street and we had these super sized suitcases. LOL, now that I think about it, it wasn’t normal. It was like something out of a movie! We didn’t look like backpackers. We looked more like beauty queens fully loaded with hair appliances, shoes, make-up, accessories and clothes. You know, light packing for a trip to Spain! So yeah, it looked familiar!

Bus Station in Sevilla

I asked at the bus station when the next bus times were for Madrid. The man working let me know that I had to go to another bus station called Plaza Las Armas. It’s from there that the buses took off to Madrid. I had to take the C4 bus to Plaza Las Armas.

The temperature was a normal 45 C in Sevilla. That’s more like a living oven! Coño! ( Spanish word which means f–k, but really translates to a woman’s private part!!! LOL) I wouldn’t live in that. I couldn’t!

On my way getting out of the bus station, I met two fellow Canadian travellers who were backpacking through Europe from Kamloops. Well first they told me they were from Vancouver and it was only later on when we were talking that they said Kamloops. They said not everyone in Canada knew it! I was thinking of the stereotypical Torontonian thinking they are the end all be all in Canada. It’s true, Torontonians think they are the centre of Canada. They are the New Yorkers of the States! When I moved to Lake Louise, Alberta everyone asked me what I would do there and that there was nothing there. Have you been to the Rockies? Nothing there? There’s too much to do out there if you would just look! Canada is a lot bigger than Toronto! Wake up Canadians and travel your own country! lol

Anyways these travellers were flying on Air Transat as well, and got hooked up with a sweet price. It’s never been this cheap to travel to Europe in June! When you see cheap tickets, damn right you will take advantage of them! This flight to Spain cost me including taxes $540 Canadian! STEAL!

At this point of my trip, I was on my last €5. I had to go to the bank to pull out more money. There was an atm at the bus station, but when I put in the debit card it said “undefined.” Hmmm, strange! The same thing happened to the Canadian girls. I tried at the bank machine on the street and the same thing happened. hmmmmmmm

I would find another bank later in Sevilla I thought. I took to Plaza las Armas Bus Station with the C4 which was actually quite aways way! A good 25/30 minutes on the bus it took. I got off at the Plaza las Armas and proceeded into the station. An atm machine right before me! How perfect I thought! I put my card in and it didn’t accept it. ” Undefined!” Hmmmm, now I was getting a little concerned/frustrated. What is going on? There is nothing wrong with my card! I need MONEY!

I went to the counter and asked the women what times the bus came for Madrid. It leaves at 12:15 a.m. and get’s into Madrid at 6:30 a.m. she told me. That’s perfect, because I have to be at the airport at 10:00 a.m. I thought! Being 4:00 p.m. in Seville, would give me more than enough time to walk around and explore. I noticed at the counter they were accepting payment with credit card to my surprise! The bus stations in Madrid, Granada and Tarifa only accepted payment by cash, which I found very odd for the time of 2011 and so much tourism in Spain. My credit card didn’t have the pin set up, but in Canada that isn’t a problem because you can manually take down the numbers and process payment. Well let me tell ya, I looked around and I was definitely not in Canada. I was in Spain!!! LOL She wouldn’t take the payment. FUDGE, I had already been to 3 atms and I wasn’t getting money, and my card wasn’t accepted. I was on my last €5.

Across from Plaza las Armas is a centro commercial which means mall in North America or as they say so nicely in Australia, “Shopping Center.” I would find a bank there! So I put my card in and the same thing happened. I wanted to cry! I need money to get to Madrid!!! LOL Ok, Elaine calm down and collect your thoughts. There must be a bank that works, I mean this card has been used around the world. I went outside and asked for directions to the closest bank which was right across the street. I went, prayed……… please ………please…………please and then the money started getting ready to be released out! You know when you hear it coming! Finalmente, dinero in my hands! Praise The Lord!

Next thing was to ask how do I get to the main street in Sevilla. So I asked a few teenagers who didn’t know. And then a man next to them told me I have to follow a road to the river. A river??? I don’t remember the river being in the main street of Sevilla. And then he came into my personal space, and getting in my face. He put he hand on me. Who is this guy I thought? Yuk, and I didn’t invite you in my personal space. I felt an eerie feeling from him. The vibe was screaming for me to walk away. As I was walking away he wanted to stay in my space. Then he started telling me in Spanish, ” No tienes confianza en mi?” That means you don’t trust me? No, of course not! Who the hell are you? Why are you touching me? No tengo confianza en ti! I walked off happily to get him out of my space. A Spanish man walked up to me and asked me if I was ok, as he could see the man up in my face from a distance. I was ok, just caught off guard.

I asked directions from two young ladies who so happened to be going to the centre of Sevilla. They were 17 years old, and so sweet. They said I could come with them if I wanted to walk around. That sounded like a good idea! They had this energy full of excitement walking around Sevilla on their own. They were no longer children, but becoming young adults. I had no problem with spending time with them. Maybe it was connecting more to my inner child or my teenage years which have been about 10 years ago. lol

We walked to Seville’s Cathedral, Plaza de Espana, along the main street and in between. The last time I got to actually go in the Cathedral and walk about the steps to the very top!

Plaza de Espana

There seemed to be brides everywhere taking pictures of their special wedding day in Sevilla!

Seems like a magical way to have your wedding to me!

I love the feel of Plaza de Espana with it’s architecture of the building, bridges, and fountain. I love the tiles it has of art representing each province of Spain! It is fun to look at each one looking at it’s region with the map as well as the artwork which represents the province. Plaza de Espana serves as government buildings and town hall.

When you come to Sevilla, you will see Flamenco dresses everywhere. That is because it originated from here! I found a pretty apron to buy my Mom as a souvenir. That’s so she can look cute while making her grown up daughter’s yummy food! lol You will also notice all of the Spanish wooden fans!

The girls and I laughed and laughed! I was so grateful to have met them on my journey. Maybe one day they can come to Canada, and I can return the favour and show they around just like they did for me. Gracias chicas. xoxoxo besos!

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