My First Job in Hotel Management

By | August 15, 2011

This is my first job I had after studying Hotel Management at The Alpine Center in Athens, Greece. I was a hostess at InterContinental Toronto Centre for 8 months. I remember being bored out of my mind standing straight at the Hostess podium stand for 8 hours Monday to Friday. That’s a long time standing in one place in a not so busy restaurant! It was busy during the day, but at night not so much which is understandable because in city hotels people want to explore and dine outside! I remember it being a perfect place for business people to have drinks at the bar after a long day at a conference at The Metro Convention Centre. The bar was happening! I remembered liking my commute to downtown through Union Station. Something about downtown Toronto had a vibe of being so alive. My next job was in Grand Cayman Island at The Westin Casuarina Resort as a beach girl serving pina coladas barefoot which was a completely different experience than working at a city hotel property!

In this video you will hear my story and see where I worked!

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