Quick Facts of Casa Loma, Toronto’s Medieval Castle

By | August 22, 2011

Casa Loma, Toronto

The Windsor Room, Casa Loma Toronto

During my staycation in Toronto for the month of July, I visited Casa Loma, Toronto’s Medieval Castle for the first time!

Here are some quick facts I learned during my visit:

* Casa Loma was the former estate of Sir Henry Pellat & his wife Lady Pellat.
* Casa Loma took three years to build starting in 1911 with 300 workers.
* At the time, it cost $3,500,000!!!!
* They only lived their for less than 10 years due the their financial misfortune.
* Sir Henry Pellat, owned the electricity company in Canada, until they decided the government should take control over it which is why he had a “financial misfortune.” How terrible!
* GOSSIP – I heard when he lost his house, he ended up living with his chauffeur! His chauffeur ended up being his landlord?? Well, that’s the gossip I heard from the maid who was giving us a tour of the castle. Shhhhhhhh, it’s a secret!
* The Windsor Room was a guest room made for Royalty to stay in, however no Royals ever ended up coming to visit while they had it. Shame!
* The Oak Room has furniture from the same company who furnished The Titanic.
* Scenes from movies were filmed here. Movies include: Cocktail, X-Men, Strange Brew, Chicago, The Tuxedo, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Warehouse 13, and The Pacifier.

You’re going to have to come and visit Casa Loma to learn more for yourself!

Hours of Operation:

Casa Loma is open daily 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Last admission : 4:00 p.m.) Casa Loma closes at 1:00 p.m. – Christmas Eve – December 24 Closed Christmas Day – December 25

Adult ( 18 – 59) – $20.55
Seniors ( 60 +) – $14.63
Youth – ( 14 – 17) – $14.63
Children (4 -13)- $11.32

The Oak Room

The Conservatory Room, Casa Loma

The Grand Hall, Casa Loma

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