Being an Au-Pair is Hard Work!

By | August 25, 2009

I have just been here for a week with the girls at the camping and MAN is it ever tiring!! And to think my grandmother wonders why she does not have great grandchildren yet? I think my Au-Pair experience has prolonged my decision of settling down and starting a family. I don’t diapers anytime soon in the near future. :) It is really funny because before I came to Spain, if you had asked me how many children I wanted, I would have said 4 children! Too funny that those words came out of my mouth! Before I even thought I wanted to do Charity work in an orphanage working with children. It sounds sweet and loving and like a good deed that I would want to take part in. Ah just imagine! However, what you do need is a whole lot of patience with children which is one thing I do not have! I give a lot of credit out to Mom’s, Dad’s ( lets not forget he he), teachers and early child care workers!
The one and a half year old little girl does not like me too much I think. The first few days of my arrival, the Au-Pair mom would tell me to stop her from doing things. So what she saw was Elaine saying ” No, No and more No!!!” I would walk up to her the last few days and she would say no and start screaming even though I was a meter away from her! She likes to do her own thing and be her own boss. She will cry and cry until she has what she wants. She is also super cute and then smiles and says “hola!” and she has learned to say hello and bye!
The older girl who is five years old told me that she loves me! Awwwwww!! The second day in the pool, she pulled down my bathing suit top because she wanted to see my cheat. I of course didn’t so I held on tight for my life ha ha and she said in Spanish “please let me see them, I want to see them, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.” She then tried to cover them saying she would not let anyone else see them but she would. Ah no thanks! Sometimes I call her name and she doesn’t look at me to respond. Or she will say Para! Which I believe in Catalan means leave me alone!
Then it’s also different looking after other people’s kids because you can’t do and tell them what you want as you are not their parents! In the playground one day, a Mother looked at me and said “you love children.” I smiled and said “Yes, I love them.” What a learning experience!

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