My Cool Camping Friends

By | September 1, 2009

Two Sundays ago on my day off from my Au-Pair job here in Spain, I decided to go to the beach in Cambrils. I went to the reception of the camping place and looked at the bus schedule and noticed that there are only 4 buses a day to Cambrils and back. Also, the receptionist added that the buses come only if the bus driver wants to come. Sorry, what did you say? Well, if the bus driver wants to come and make a stop in the small town of Vinyols he can and if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t! Basically, depending on which side of the bed the bus driver wakes up!

There have been many people at times waiting and no bus had come to pick them up! How does the exactly work I was thinking? Imagine that happening in Toronto? I went home and told my Au-Pair mother to news and she asked me what I was going to do? I told her I was going to THINK POSITIVE! She smiled and said YES!

I returned to the reception again to look at the times, when I saw hello to another family I had met at the pool. “Have you been to the beach in Cambrils?” I asked them. “Actually we are going right now,” was there response! Wow, how’s that for thinking positive?

It was that family along with another 3 other families and I that went to the beach that day. First we went to the beach for an hour or so. The weather was HOT! I decided to buy a bottle of small water from a beach bar and a glass of beer for the father who drove me to the beach. I found it funny how a small bottle of water was 1 euro and a glass of beer was 1.50 euro. Heck,you might as well just drink beer! LOL The waves were making beautiful music which I had to record for You Tube of course! Of course in Spanish is CLARO and in Catalan they say: CLA!

We then decided to eat at a restaurant close to the beach. The nice family that offered to take me to the beach had asked me what I do for work? I explained how I had studied Hospitality and had worked in Greece, Canada and The Cayman Islands and most recently studied Life Coaching and have become a Personal Life Coach. Well, it so happens, their friend joining us was a Life Coach too! It’s not everyday I meet Life Coaches and especially in Spain!

The couple I met had met during a seminar that had something to do with personal development which I thought was really neat. They have a cute little girl named Ona who is less than 2 years old. She is young but very independent I must say. The parents have brought her up with Educacion Libertad which translates to Free Education. They explained it as they speak to their daughter respectfully with a calm voice, as well as letting her do things for herself while expressing her creativity. They never speak to her in an authoritative voice. Wow, that sounds like a completely different upbringing than a Greek family! He he I would like to read more about this!

Afterwards went back to the beach for an hour or so. On the way back in the car the parents asked me if I smoked? I told them that I didn’t. And then I thought wait a minute, do I smoke? What are you talking about? “Ohhhhhhh Marijuana, no I don’t!” LOL “I’m a Life Coach” I said. They thought having an Au-pair was a great idea if it was someone like me they said. I told them just find a girl from British Columbia or Alberta and I’m sure they’ll stay a year and think the family is sooooo cool! he he Just joking my West Coast friends!! It was really funny because they mentioned how everyone in the camp wasn’t really friendly and how they all went to bed at 10:00 p.m. or so while they relaxed on the porch with wine and beer. I told them that they were the party animals of the camping area!

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