Finding Clarity

By | September 6, 2009

This summer has been an interesting summer all right! My experiences have included spending a month just outside of Madrid with my interesting Au-Pair family to spending two weeks couch surfing in Madrid to spending 2 weeks of adventures all around Spain with my friends to camping now a month with my second Au-Pair family in Catalunia. I have entered my third and last month of my adventures in Spain and can feel some clarity for my personal life.
Before coming to Spain, I have to admit I felt a little bit of pressure from society telling me that I have to settle down and have a family. My grandmother seems to be very disappointed that she does not have great-grandchildren yet!!!!!Her Greek philosophy is ¨if you wait until you are 30 years old good luck Charlie¨and if you wait until you are 35 years old it´s ¨goodbye Charlie!¨Now I don´t know who this Charlie person seems to be, but that´s my Greek grandmother for you!!! My sister was explaining to her client this philosophy and she told my sister, ¨I was 35 years old and said goodbye to a man and his name was Charlie!¨LOL Too funny!!
It seems most of my friends in Toronto are either in serious relationships, getting married or having children. So, I started to feel an itch in Toronto and even more every time people talking about all of this marriage and baby business! Well, after this Au-Pair experience here in Spain, I have realized my time has not come yet for marriage and babies!! Do you know how much work having children is? And to think I am with them 8 hours a day!!!!!!!! I no longer have this feeling of settling down which FEELS good! I have many things to do and see and when the time is right, everything will fall into place.
Cheers to Clarity!

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