What does reality mean?

By | September 6, 2012

Day One In Greece & In Love with Skyros Island

Day One In Greece & In Love with Skyros Island

Back to reality. Sitting here at home in Canada at my computer after one month vacationing in Greece and thinking about my travels. I had SO MUCH FUN in Greece this summer from the moment I landed in Skyros Island and met Maria to my very last day running around Athens. From day one, I didn’t want to leave Greece. From day three, I inquired how much it would cost to extend my flight. The travel company quoted me $475 CAN, and considering my flight was $1219, and my sister’s 30th was a week later, the second week of September ( YES SISTER, I am telling the world you are turning 30!! lol), I thought it was a good idea to just return. I can always go later right? Like JANUARY??? 😛 That is an intention of mine! Check out my videos on Elaine’s You Tube and you will see why I didn’t want to return from Greece! I will be uploading videos from my Greek travels 3 times a week!

 What does back to reality mean?

Elaine Sarantakos, Travel Host & Life Coach. Living on a Permanent Vacation.

The truth is although I didn’t want to leave Greece, I was excited to return back to Canada. I am here in my back yard thinking, What does back to reality mean? Hmmmmmm…….. IT MEANS ANYTHING YOU WISH TO CREATE!!! YAY!!! 😛 I am excited about all the opportunities of creation we are capable of towards our dreams!!! Sometimes your dream reality doesn’t present itself, so you must create it. You must open your own doors to walk through to what it is you want. Sometimes people would tell me when working in hospitality in The Cayman Islands or The Canadian Rockies that it wasn’t reality and I had to come back to reality. Remember, reality is your own definition to create. I know my reality includes lots of inspiring people through my travels by Videos and blogs to live out their Fabulous Life!

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Your Fan,
Elaine Sarantakos

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