Second Couch Surfing Experience

By | September 7, 2009

This weekend I had my second Couch Surfing experience in Cambrils, Catalunia for a night with a super cool hosting couple. They actually picked me up from the camping area (which is not too far from their city) in their Volkswagen California Car. This I thought was really nice of them and something I did not expect! If you have ever seen one of these cars, you can tell these people were definitely born to travel! It reminds me of a hippie car. You know those make love not war kinda peace people? This car has travelled its kilometres all over Europe. This California car has a stove inside, table, capability for 4 people to sleep in it! They actually use Couch Surfing for meeting with locals, knowing the ins and outs of the place and even just for a drink. What a different approach for surfing! I actually was there first Couch Surfer!

I did not sleep on a couch rather a cute little bed was made for me with a stuffed sheep toy animal! Awwww super cute! I felt so welcomed and comfortable with my friends. Their house is a happy, positive, creative, artistic home with so much life and fabulous colours! They have orange, yellows, greens, purples, blues, heck the have the entire pallet of colours!! They have poetry on the walls, letters, and Japanese writing and so much more! The lady is a psychologist, although I really believe she can be an interior designer!

They first took me for a glass of vino at 12:00 p.m. which made me feel a little woooooooo as I hadn’t had much for breakfast! Lol Afterwards we went for a walk around Cambrils and along the port. Awww how I miss living by the water. ( Australia, Greece, The Caymans!!!) We went for some lunch along with a few more drinks! At night we went to a festival which I had not even been aware of called Nit del Foc ( Night of Fire). It is a festival of people dressed as demons dancing under fire! It was neat seeing it but really it looked like Hell of earth and coming from a place of liking Angels, and Heaven, I am really not too sure how much I loved it he he. It was definitely great seeing it as I am from Canada. This was followed by fireworks which is something I have always loved looking at! Soon afterwards was a concert for the town which included those country/Irish type songs where you just want to jump around! So much fun! I am grateful for my couching experience with them.

Check out the website as it puts a whole new meaning in travelling!

Elaine Sarantakos
Fabulous Living Coach

Fabulous Living Coach is a Toronto based Life Coach!

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