The First Step To Any Goal

By | September 19, 2012

Creating Space For My Bigger Vision! Febreeze Baby!

Hey Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!! You know, I had a really good sleep last night. ” Oh really Elaine, who is the lucky guy?” Guys don’t get carried away now… I slept alone. 😛 I think one reason I slept so well is because yesterday I cleaned my room! LOL…. I know it sounds like such a normal thing to do, and you might even think I am a descendant of a really good domestic Greek girl who cleans and bakes fresh bread from the oven. Not even… It’s not that I am dirty, I’m just not super organized and tidy. ( OMG shhhh, don’t tell my future husband whoever is he. It’s a secret between ME & YOU!) Let me tell you I had SO much fun last night. I pledged. I febrezed. I windexed! It felt good! Rock on Elaine!

Always the first step in working on any of your goals is getting rid of your tolerations to make space for more to come in. A toleration are those things that you are putting up with every day that distract you from the things you really want to do, you know that Fabulous life in the bigger game plan you have always dreamed of! Tolerations can be something like having an untidy room that I stated above, or it can be a situation like staying at a job you hate, or in a relationship that no longer serves. Sometimes you avoid these things we know we are putting up with, but sooner or later we will recognize this must be taken care of to work on our more important stuff!

Please watch the video below to see why you should stop tolerating to attract more and how this is the first step to any goal!

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