Dreaming of a Cemetery

By | September 20, 2010

 I had a dream a few nights ago that wasn’t the most typical dream I’d say. There was more to it, more meaning. Perhaps something of my sub-conscious mind. Or perhaps a message being communicated. In my dream I was in Southern Greece in the Peloponnese close to my Father’s Village, although not close enough. Because I was in Greece all the way from Canada I started to cry because I thought it was such a shame to travel so far and not get to visit his village.

I was in another village in a home of a person I don’t know in real life. I said to this girl that we should go outside and take pictures because  it would get dark soon. We go outside and the weather starts to rain a bit. We decide to take a picture in one spot and we  notice a church behind us that was spooky looking. We try to take another picture and there was a big crucifix behind us. So then I moved to go further down the road to what looked like fields. As the flash went off all behind us until we couldn’t see any further was tombstones from what looked like a never ending cemetery.

Talk about WEIRD!!!!!!!!

My dream book says it means happiness and prosperity which is not what I thought when I woke up at 4:00 a.m. I thought oh this is creepy!! 😛 Sometimes it could signify the end of something in your life and then a new beginning. Greek people say when you see death it’s good.

Then I was thinking it could be about my Father’s Dad, my grandfather in Greece who is in his 80’s and not very healthy……. :(    I think either meanings are relevant right now. It was just odd to dream what my mind conjured. I’ll keep ya posted.
xoxo Elaine

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