Meet Lady Danger

By | September 24, 2013

Lady Danger

Lady Danger

Apparently my new nickname is Lady Danger. How does one get this name? Well it’s not because I’m a bad girl full of mystery and danger, ( although that sounds like a good story right?) but rather because I wear the MAC lipstick Lady Danger. It’s a nice orangey red colour that is my fav right now to wear. I am loving reds, and am actually thinking that pinks don’t really suit me as a lipstick colour overall. I guess this is because my hair is so dark, so it pops! It’s funny that this has just occurred to me now that I’m almost turning 30. LOL I guess better late than never.

So I posted the picture on my Instagram ( which connects to my Facebook) and then all of a sudden I became a Bond girl. My ex-boyfriend liked Bond girls. Perhaps he thinks otherwise. haha

What do you think? Do you like the nickname? What’s your nickname? Please comment in the box below to share!

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