Treetop Trekking By Arbraska in Barrie, Ontario

By | September 24, 2012

Treetop Trekking, Barrie, Ontario

Something really cool to check out is Treetop Trekking by Abraska! Located throughout Ontario, & Quebec this is one really cool jungle gym that allows you to climb up trees, zip-line, stride on top of trees, climb into nets, and swing! This connects nature and the Tarzan in you! We visited the Barrie location which is just off of Horseshoe & Skyline Resort.

Elaine Sarantakos, Tree Huggin!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when a friend told me we were going Treetop Trekking. I thought we were going somewhere to hike for a few hours and would trek through nature, or would trek up high among the trees? The package that we got was for The Big Zip, a zip line & to do some “Tree Huggin!” I had no idea I was going to climb up a tree, or at least attempt that is. In the Tree Huggin area, there are five trees with different levels of difficulty.

Tree Huggin

What makes a tree more difficult to climb? Well the trees have rocks on them, and the larger the rocks, the easier it is to climb on & up. Tree Huggin gets more difficult when the rocks become smaller & more spread out. It also helps if you have hiking shoes, or shoes with a good grip ( Especially if it’s raining)

You can do it! Hug a tree! lol

Look, I’m flying!

The first time climbing up a tree for “Tree Huggin”, can make you feel as though if you let go and fall, you’ll crash straight to the ground. Luckily, you are attached with a harness. After awhile you might feel like Peter Pan flying in the woods! 😛

The only tree I fully climbed was the easiest! lol… But wait, I did a good job since I climbed up the tree & into the net! Some people attempting to climb to the top would stop. I think the best way to get to the top is to focus, and think you will make it to the top as move your legs as fast as possible. Once you stop, and let your mind think, the game is over. Don’t think, just focus and take action!!

Mark reaching for the stars! :P

Elaine Sarantakos has reached the top ladies & gentlemen. :P

Just monkeying around!

The second part of our package included the Big Zip, a zip line 983 feet long taking you for an awesome ride! It gets up to 40 km/hour! This was so much fun, as it’s more of an adrenaline ride where you don’t do anything but enjoy! Well deserved I must say after climbing up those trees!!

Zip Lining

I would definitely so again. Perhaps this month with friends for my Birthday! We’ll see! I’d love to check out the other packages too! If you have any tips or feedback from your experience Treetop Trekking in Ontario or Quebec, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Directions To Get There:

Treetop Trekking Arbraska is located at 1101 Horseshoe valley Rd West in
Barrie, Ontario. It is situated just one hour north of Toronto.

Take highway 400, exit 117 East and turn right on Horseshoe Valley Road.
You’re now only 5 minutes away from Ontario’s most complete resort!

Contact Information: 1101 Horseshoe
Valley Rd. Comp 10,
R.R.#1, Barrie
Ontario Canada
L4M 4Y8


1-888-733-8679 (Toll Free)

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