Rakomelo Crete’s Traditional Drink

By | September 26, 2012


It was in Skyros Island that I was introduced to Rakomelo. Rakomelo is a drink from Raki (strong spirit made from grapes) & Meli which is honey in Greek. Raki & meli = Rakomelo! This is a strong clear liquor which contains about 40% alcohol. OPA! The island of Crete is known for their Raki. It can also be called or Tsipouro or tsikoudia. I remember going on a tour bus in 2003 from Thessaloniki to Constantinople (Istanbul) and my Greek Yiayia (Grandma) was drinking this in a bottle mixed with water. LOL She was like oh it just adds flavour. ha ha Well it’s not uncommon to see Greek people having this with their meals not necessarily taking shots but sipping it.

Rakomelo – Traditional Cretan Drink

How is RAKOMELO different? Rakomelo has honey, cinnamon & cloves added making it sweeter. Don’t be fooled, it still goes down strong! “Yamas!” – Cheers in Greek!

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