Travel Dream – Skyros Island, Greece

By | September 26, 2012

Historias Tou Barba, Greek Tsirporo/Ouzeri Skyros Island, Greece

After quite the adventure of arriving to Greece, losing my luggage, flying to Skyros Island, meeting Maria, napping, trying to buy clothes to wear, meeting the Greek yiayia ( Grandma) and exploring the main town of Chora, it was time to go to a taverna to eat.

Stories of Barba, Historias Tou Barba, Skyros Island, Greece

Stories of Barba, Historias Tou Barba, Skyros Island, Greece

Maria took me to a Greek Tsiporo/Ouzeri taverna by the sea called Historias Tou Barba which translates to the stories of Barba. Barba in Greek is a word to describe an old Greek uncle.I couldn’t have dreamed of a prettier place to have my first meal in Greece. The warm sun, fresh salty air, & blue & white decor…… I was excited! I was happy as we walked into the outdoor tavern to see it full with Greek tourists. Greece may be in a financial crisis, but people still go out. They might not be going on long vacations, but they still are going for a few days away which is great! This is a topic I will discuss at a later time.

View From The Tavera, Skyros Island, Greece

Greek Tavera, Skyros Island

Back to the taverna. It was so perfect everything about where we were. Maria said she had been coming here for years and had lived some incredible moments. I bet! Look at it!

Enjoying the present moment in Skyros Island, Greece.

We found a table with the Aegean Sea, & Chora Town as our view and ordered lunch. We had a Greek village salad, marinated octopus & regga ( smoked herring). I am a big Greek Food fan! I have a secret. Well actualy it’s not secret. I LOVE OCTOPUS! Marinated, Grilled, in pasta, or however else you want to give it to me. I think I am IN LOVE with it! No, really I am in love with it. Something about it really excites me. Ok, it’s the taste I guess. I prefer it being Greek style having the octopus with olive olive, lemon, & oregano. The secret which isn’t a secret, but more a fact about Elaine Sarantakos is I don’t want to share my plate of octopus. Really, I don’t want to. I know it sounds selfish. It was my first day in Skyros, and Maria was really nice, so I shared. LOL ( In my head I was thinking I could just kill that plate!!!) 😛

Greek Lunch in Skyros! OPA!

We tried calling Aegean Airlines to see if there was a status update on my luggage, but no answer. It was ok, because I was so happy to be in Skyros Island. The sea, sun, Maria, flip flops, dress, & food was enough. Really what else do you need?

We then started speaking with the table next to us. The man was from Athens & his girlfriend from Brazil. It was with them that we started to drink Rakomelo which is a strong Cretan drink mixed with raki, tsipora & honey. We started taking shots. To not take a shot would be rude right? Yamas! Yamas! Yamas! lol

Raki – Cretan Alcoholic Drink

Please watch the video to experience having lunch in Skyros Island, Greece.

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Maestralia Skyros

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