Authentic Greek Travel: Taking an Olive Tree Shower – Halkidiki

By | October 1, 2012

Elaine Sarantakos, Life Coach/Travel Host in Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece

Hey Everyone,

One thing that I love about travelling are the authentic travel experiences that come up. These experiences you would have never experienced had you not left your home to explore. It’s the contrast that makes our world so beautiful and what makes us want to continue travelling even more.

Here I am at Nikiti Beach, on the second leg of Halkdiki in Greece’s northern region of Macedonia. I found an olive tree to take a shower under, which I thought was really cool. Coming from Canada, I have never seen this! How authentic! I never imagined I would shower under an olive tree, but am sure glad I did! Travel Greece!

Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece

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Elaine Sarantakos
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