Happy Thanksgiving – Grateful For My Followers

By | October 8, 2012

Yummy Drink

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Yes, there is Thanksgiving in Canada and we celebrate it the second weekend in October. :) I love this holiday gathering around with family & friends giving thanks for what we have, having our home decorated with pumpkins and having too much food, desserts, and wine. The combination of turkey & wine is probably not the combination you want to have if people are at your house, because it just makes you want to pass out and sleep. 😛

Thanksgiving Lunch

I am grateful for many things, but one thing I’d like to share is that I am SO GRATEFUL for all my followers on my blog, Facebook, You Tube & Twitter! Thank you to everyone who likes, watches, shares & comments! It means a lot to me!

Grace & Elaine at The Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

Here I am in Thessaloniki, Greece being spotted by one of my Facebook Fans at The Met Hotel’s Skybar! Grace liked my Facebook Fan Page a few years ago and has been watching my videos ever since. We both attended the same school, The Alpine Center for Hotel Management but at different times. We had never met before, but she recognized me! I was touched! I am grateful for all my fans for supporting my work.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving even if you aren’t in countries that celebrate!!!

Lots of Love, Elaine xoxoxoxo

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