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By | October 10, 2011

Backpackers Food

Throughout this year of travels, I have to say my trip to Hawaii was my first “backpackers dining experience” trip because all of my travels have included eating at restaurants, local fast-food places and eating with my couch surfing hosts. I have saved money in dining before by grabbing a sandwich from a supermarket for example in London at Tesco, when I was on the run or when I didn’t feel like sitting at a restaurant. If I see a nice restaurant and want to go in, I go in no doubt about it! It was only until I went to Hawaii that I really ate backpackers food and it was more about location versus choice. Where I was staying in Maui didn’t have too many restaurants near by. Let’s see, there was a Subway, McDonalds, Italian Eatery, and a Chinese eatery. Ok, so maybe there were places to eat, but as the entire hostel cooked, it made me want to cook to.

The easiest backpackers food is NOODLES!!!! Yes, you know the noodles that are made in 3 minutes and all you have to do is add boiling water?? I never ate so many noodles in my life!

My shopping list while at The Banana Bungalow Hostel included:

* Shrimp Noodles ( Seafood flavour since I am in Hawaii)
* Greek Total Yogurt
* Bag of Baby Carrots
* Two Broccoli Heads
* Dill Sour Cream Dip
* Pineapple

The reason why I included the vegetables is because I find on vacations sometimes we don’t eat enough greens. Eating carrots and broccoli, I feel an instant vitamin shot within my body. The dip….. not so healthy!!!!

If you want, if you really want, this means you can do a budget travel trip and dine for $2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL……… It is not everyone’s style, however I am sharing with you that it is possible!

Below is a video of us Backpackers cooking!!

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