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By | October 13, 2011

My Private Island for 3 Days! El Macho del Monte, Cayos Holandeses

I highly recommend when travelling to Panama to go to the San Blas Islands. I booked a 3 DAY Tour with Panama Travel Unlimited. When booking this tour via Mamallena Hostel, I would never have imagined what a beautiful experience it would be! You are literally on your own private island with beachfront property! We visited the Cayos Holandeses which are a group of 20 islands that form part of the San Blas Archipeligo. ( These islands aren’t touristy like some other islands in San Blas!) It was amazing!!!

The 3 Day Tour Included:

* Hotel pick-up
* 2 Night Camping & 1 night at a Kuna Indian Community
* 3 Meals a day!!! ( yummy seafood & lobster!!!)
* Boat rides to surrounding islands
* Snorkelling in reefs & a shipwreck
* Fishing
* Watching traditional Kuna Indian Dancing

Kuna Indian Traditional Dancing, Carti, Sani Blas

This tour costs only $260, but I think they could charge even more!!! I thought when I was there, that such a beautiful place would only be affordable to the rich! People ask me how was Panama and if they should go. I don’t know about The Royal Decameron Resort, but I know this experience with Panama Travel Unlimited is PRICELESS! Promise me you will go!!!!!!

Island Hopping in San Blas

Their contact info is:

Panama Travel Unlimited
Landline: (507)395 5014 – Cellphone: (507)67300664

Please watch my videos and blogs posts coming up from San Blas!


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