6 Things to take while camping in San Blas that I didn’t take! LOL

By | October 16, 2011

Camping in Cayos Holandeses, San Blas, Panama

I am the worst example of a camper in San Blas, rocking up prepared with nothing that a normal person would think to take when camping. These things to bring didn’t even occur to me. Seriously, they didn’t even cross my mind. I haven’t been camping since I was little living in Australia somewhere in the “bush.” I was just excited to be in Panama to think!

Here are 6 Things to take while camping in San Blas that you should take that I didn’t!

* Toilet paper/Baby Wipes – You go to the washroom behind a tree or rock which of course don’t provide you with toilet paper! You need toilet paper to wipe. Well until you want to drip and dry! LOL

* Malaria & Yellow Fever Shots – I was fine, but ” you never know.” (FEARRRRRRR)

* Flashlight – The sunset was at 6:00 p.m. in September. The moon didn’t light the island as much as I thought it would have.

* Insect Repellent – There are sandflies that love apparently the Brits on my tour. I slept in pants completely covered up and a long sleeved shirt. And yes, it was hot!!!

* Hat – You are on an island with sun!

* More water, more water, and more water! – I brought one gallon and 3 litres of water. You can always use more water. So that means don’t drink alcohol in San Blas because you will get dehydrated.

Matthias, one of the tour guides asked how many tents we needed for camping. Well there are 3 couples and I, so I guess that means 3 doubles and 1 single! The single tent for the single girl on her single awareness vacation! LOL

Sleeping in the tent was an interesting experience. I slept in jeans, my Converse flats, a t-shirt and a long sleeved thin sweater. It was HOT!!!! The reason for doing so was because there are so many sandflies and mosquitos here on the island. Sandflies are apparently really itchy. I didn’t get any! Needless to save, I survived the night not being bitten. I did of course sweat. It was sooooo yuck! It was either that fully clothed, or being attacked! I woke up a few times at night to drink water.

One of the British girls was covered so badly by morning, it was like connect the dots on her body full of bites! However what she did was not the smartest thing, she had her tent open!!!!!! I know it’s hot, but that is like having a fiesta with these Panamanian sandflies or, maybe I should say Kuna Indian sandflies! LOL So, I forgot to bring all the listed above, but at least I knew not to leave the tent entrance open! LOL

* Thank you to the couples who have me toilet paper, baby wipes, insect repellant and use of flashlight! I will know for the next time I go camping!

This kick-ass 3 day camping tour was with Panama Travel Unlimited!

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