Greek Aunt Wants Me To Get Married, Kastoria, Greece

By | October 16, 2012

Kastoria, Macedonia, Greece

Elaine Sarantakos, Life Coach/Travel Host/Online Social Media

Greek aunt wants me to get married. Kastoria, Greece

Here I am in a village called Agia Kyriaki, Kastoria in Greece’s northern region of Macedonia. My Greek aunt Magda is thinking of keeping me in Greece and finding me a great guy. She wants me to get married so I can live closer to her. In this strategy, she feels my mom will visit Greece more often as she will see her daughter & grandchildren. I don’t know where I will find him, but my aunt says she will help. If you know of any guys for me, please let me know. Just joking!!!

Greek Aunt Thea Magda in Kastoria, Greece

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