Peeing outside by a bush like my puppy, but under a coconut tree in San Blas.

By | October 16, 2011

28/09/11 San Blas, Panama

Going to the washroom on a deserted island with no plumbing and electricity is an authentic travel experience in itself! You have two options of going to the washroom in the sea or behind a coconut tree or bush. Now if you have to go #2 we were advised to dig a hole, do our business and then cover it up!

I woke up at 6:45 a.m. and was extremely happy to put my bathing suit on and jump into the washroom. You know the sea which turns into a washroom for #1! What? It’s not like you haven’t peed in the sea before or a lake. Come on, you know it’s true! Don’t be acting like it’s never happened. If you are saying now you haven’t peed in water it’s because you have never been near water or you are the biggest friggin lier ever! 😛 LOL Chances are the second one!

Now going to the washroom was a mission. First of all you have to find the perfect location of being behind someone sort of bush or tree and it has to be somewhere no one can see you! This is the first time I really went into the mind of our dog Sammy who searches for the perfect place to do his business. I had to do the same! In search for the most ideal location to do #1 and #2! LOL…… A very different experience than being at home and using a toilet! It was an awesome travel experience! Whatever, you have to do what you have to do! But I had to ask my fellow travellers if they had wipes that I could use. Remember, I didn’t come to the island with any toilet paper! lol Having no toilet paper and having to go #2 could potentially be a problem!

In the afternoon we went to an island called La Tortuga in San Blas which translates to The Turtle Island. So, there was a toilet on this island, and it looked dirty so I actually chose to pee outside behind a rock instead! It seemed more sanitary! LOL, I was loving the way people went to pee like in the old days. Who needs a toilet? But seriously, if I was a man it would make peeing so much easier!

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