Travelling alone with 3 couples! Happy Single Awareness Vacation!

By | October 16, 2011

Romantic Walks on the Beach, San Blas

For a long time, I was the only one signed up for this three day camping tour which wouldn’t have been a problem my hostel Mamallena explained, because they would just send me to a hostel ( really a hut!) in one of the San Blas Islands. Either way I knew I was going! I didn’t realize I would have signed up to what I consider Paradise with 3 other couples, or as I like to say ” Single Awareness Vacation.” Three couples and Elaine! LOL…… Welcome to the island of Single Awareness, you are single!

I am no stranger to travelling alone, as it is what I do! I love the adventure of travelling alone, and meeting interesting people on my journey.

You know like the hot Cuban security officer!

Or those Hot French men is Paris!

Or my ex-boyfriend from when I lived in the Cayman Islands who I met for dinner in London!

Or how about my other ex-boyfriend who took me for dinner in London! LOL…….

I mean if I travelled with someone else, the entire journey would be completely different!

Romantic Couple from Amsterdam

However, being in one of the San Blas Islands of Cayos Holandes and being with 3 couples that seemed very close at times, I felt as though I was on their honeymoons! It was a bit lonely for a second! ( YUP, an entire second! LOL) It made me think if I am going to have a boyfriend sometime in the near future? You know like a boyfriend who wants to travel the world. Could I even date a man who was 9-5? Hmmm, that’s another story in itself.

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