La Tortuga Island, Cayos Holandeses, San Blas ~ Day 2

By | October 19, 2011

On my Private Island in San Blas


Sitting on our island in the Cayos Holandses in San Blas, Panama. It feels exactly like that, that is our own exclusive island. I am happy that natural, preserved places like this still exist. How is it that not a lot of people I have spoken to have heard of these beautiful treasures in the world? People in Canada still don’t know too much about travel to Panama besides the Royal Decameron Resort. This Camping tour for 3 nights, including three meals a day, snorkelling and boat rides to the surrounding islands seems to good to be true for $260 US. ( Tour provided by Panama Travel Unlimited )How could anyone choose an all inclusive resort over this experience? I bet if they knew, they would come!

La Tortuga, San Blas, Panama

Yesterday when we went to another island called La Tortuga ( The Turtle) in the Cayos Holandeses. It was a beautiful island that had a breeze flowing from one side of the island to the other. There were not as many trees, so you could see right through! All of the couples found their own private spot on the island.

I met this couple that looked like they were in love by the hammocks. The woman was from Argentina and the man was Irish. They were on the island for a few hours, and were sailing through the islands. He bought a sailboat in the Bahamas, which was around the same time he learned how to sail he said. He was sailing for a year. How sweet does that sound? There was a hut on the island which is where a Kuna Indian family lived. They sold cold drinks. Well the only colds drinks were beer, and that was the case they brought over by boat, so they weren’t cold. Waiting for it to get cold, they offered Coconut milk to sell. It sounded good!

I then found my own spot in the sea and took in the beauty. I know I keep on saying that it is paradise and it is paradise, but it really is!

My 6th Beer from Hospitable Kuna Indians

I went to buy a beer now that it was cold!!!!! They were selling cans of beer for $1.50 each. They didn’t have change, so I gave him $3 and said I would be back to the next one. No Nexia, one of the tour guides came and sat in the water with me and brought herself a beer to drink. We started chatting and chatting. She is such a lovely person! Her husband is Matthias, who is actually from Quebec, Canada is the other tour guide. Together they run this camping tour in partnership with Panama Travel Unlimited. All of a sudden a Kuna Indian man comes, and brings me another beer and then another one and then another one. LOL I had bought two beers and now I had 5!!!! I mean, I didn’t finish my can and I already had another can in my hand. Talk about hospitable! So then Matthias has this idea of swimming to see sharks. Actually snorkelling with sharks which they said don’t bite you. LOL Ok, So here I am having drank 5 beers, and am told to snorkel to the sharks way in the sea. To me it sounded like suicide. LOL I would have drowned! There was no bloody way I could snorkel. As if! So, I stayed in the shallow waters chatting in Spanish with some nice Kuna Indians.

Cruising by Boat

On the boat ride back, he gave me another beer “for the road”. OMG, that’s 6 beers and I can’t drink a lot. I get drunk! I was pretty smashed on the ride back, I’m not gonna lie. It was very generous though of him! Our ride home we were given yummy watermelon to eat. I just love these boat rides through the San Blas Islands. You are cruising through some of the most beautiful islands in the world with the wind in your hair. It’s something else!

When we got back to our island, the couples I was with decided it would be a good idea to move our tents from the side we had them to the other side where there was more of a breeze and hopefully no sandflies. Moving my tent and belongings was so much fun having drank beer. LOL I was so lazy. For all I cared, the flies could have eaten me. Ok, ok, let’s move to the other side of the island. By the time we moved out tents and belongings, dinner was ready. Not just any kind of dinner, but freshly caught big pieces of LOBSTER!!! YUM! I was in heaven! I never expected the food on this tour to be as delicious as it was! Everything that we ate in San Blas was fresh and tasty! SO much seafood! I was in heaven!

I slept at 10:00 p.m. It was much more breezy now that we moved our tents to the other side of the island. I still slept with my jeans, long shirt and converse shoes. I didn’t want any sandfly bites, even though they didn’t attack me the previous night. I wonder what they like in some people and not others? I woke up to the sound of rain at 4:00 a.m. which was quite relaxing. We were covered from above, so there was no rain on our tent. I was in this tent with a sea view and it was raining. That’s what I consider so relaxing. I really enjoyed that. I stayed up for an hour and then fell asleep. I woke up and breakfast was ready! Pancakes, fried bananas, fresh pineapple slice and hot coffee. mmmmmm

Camping Tour Provided By: Panama Travel Unlimited

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