Kuna Indian Community, San Blas, Panama

By | October 20, 2011


Kuna Indian Home in Carti, San Blas

I am sitting in the village of Carti on a bench facing young girls playing basketball. They are all playing on a dirt ground barefoot happily with smiles. Behind them are huts made from branches of coconut trees and bamboo. We are positioned right by the water. It is a big two story house on water! It’s an open concept that is different than most open concepts I have seen meaning you can see from one side of the house to the other.

There are two private room that two of the couples are sleeping in. I am sleeping in the hut just across from the house with the 3rd couple from Holland. lol In a sense I feel as if I am imposing in on them. It’s like I am in their bedroom. lol No, they are so nice and cool. It’s all good. Just funny!

My Accommodation in Carti, San Blas

We had a performance of traditional Kuna Indian folklore dances and music for us. It was so beautiful! The Kuna boys were wearing black jeans and a mustard long sleeved shirt. The ladies were wearing traditional Kuna Indian wear which is usually bright in colours and patterns with a mola ( handmade) design on the front. They wear a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist as a skirt. I loved watching them dance to the magic sound of their flutes.

Kuna Indians Handmade Molas

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