Walking through Carti in a Kuna Yala Community

By | October 20, 2011


Sitting at the wooden table in Matthias & Nexias home in the centre of the home after having breakfast. Breakfast consisted of papaya, fried eggs, bread and coffee. The coffee for me was the key component of breakfast! I walked through the village & it’s too cute! I am happy that I walked through the town, because I wouldn’t have been able to imagine what a cute town it would be! Bamboo huts with pretty flower gardens! Green grass! It seemed pretend!

For a better view of what I am talking about, please watch my video below of the community!

My camera was dying and I couldn’t snap away! The reason it was dying was because there is no electricity in San Blas! So please fully charge your camera, bring backup, or be careful about how much you use!

It was cute because some of the huts sold Digicel phone cards, soft drinks, crafts, and even kerosene! At the end of the road was a town hall where they gather everyday to discuss topics of Carti, any problems and even pray to a higher power!

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