Acts of Kindness

By | October 27, 2009

Yesterday I was taking the bus to the mall to exchange something I had bought over the weekend. Yes, I know I am 26 years old and why the heck am I still taking the bus? LOL That is a story I will have to explain in my next blog as it is a HUGE toleration I have been tolerating for years now.

So, there I was listening to my Ipod completely into the music so much that I had forgot to ask the bus driver for a transfer when getting on the bus to connect to the next bus. At first when I got off the bus I thought I had simply misplaced it in my big purse. Those big purses are really BIG! You can fit so many things in those purses and can really surprise people in what is in them sometimes. lol, back to my story! Then I thought ‘ Elaine, what’s wrong with you, and how did that happen?” :-) I guess I was lost in my music. :)

I was explaining to a lady beside me my story of how funny it was that I forgot to ask for a transfer. Totally unexpected, she went into her purse to get me a token for me to use for the bus. I went to give her change for the token and she wouldn’t accept it. I offered again and she refused to take my money. Me of course, I am a heart person who is highly sensitive so I really appreciated it! It really touched my heart! Awwww, I thanked her so much! I just love to see acts of kindness like that. It really made my day to see someone who was full of so much love & light. I asked her if she was religious and she said yes. She said she believes “you don’t give to receive, but when you give you never need anything else because you receive. “

We continued chatting on the bus until I reached the mall talking about her life in Trinidad, her living in Canada, her job and her next cruise vacation she deserves. It was a truly a nice journey to the mall.

Elaine Sarantakos
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