Travelling to Old Montreal

By | November 14, 2011

17th Century Architecture in Old Montreal

10 years since I had been to Montreal and what a difference in my travel agenda. My weekend 10 years ago was with two girlfriends from high school going for the weekend to PARTY!!!!! My girlfriends were 19 years old and I was still 18 years old being born in October, which was still ok because the legal age to party in Montreal is 18 years old! Hence why so many people from Toronto and the States come to Montreal for the weekend to party. I was on holidays in Canada for three weeks because I was studying Hotel Management in Athens, Greece at the time. Did we visit Old Montreal to see the beauty, and history??? NOPE!!!!Our weekend consisted of clubs, restaurants, a strip club lol and The Oratoire St. Joseph of course to go after we went to the strip club! lol

10 years later I was going to Old Montreal or as it is called in Quebec, Vieux Montreal and I was ready to see the history of Montreal, and not just Vodka/cranberries. I started my journey at The Monument of Place D’Armes in front of Basilique Notre Dame. You can get here by taking the Metro to the station of Place D’Armes.

The Basilique Notre Dame is too beautiful. You can enter for an admission of $5. There are tour guides that explain the history of Basilique Notre Dame in French or English.

You can walk through all of Old Montreal very easily. After you are finished with Place D’Armes, Basilique Notre Dame & Banque Montreal you can follow the street of Rue Francois- Xavier until you see Centaur Theatre, and then keep contining until you see the river. Everything you want to see will be here are you continue walking through.

I was so happy because I could feel the Old-World of France here so close to Toronto and within my country! I’m so in love with travelling to Europe. It’s the old world, the history, the architecture, narrow streets and churches that make me in love with Europe and here it is before my eyes, just a short 6 hour bus ride from Toronto! Who knows maybe I won’t move to Europe in the future, and perhaps just maybe I will take French classes and live in Quebec? Oh my gosh, C’est fantastique! LOLOLOL I was sooooo happy!

The Sites I visited in Old Montreal which are all within walking distance were:

Place D'Armes, Basilique Notre Dame

Banque Montreal

Centaur Theatre

Customs House


Place Jacques Cartier

Marché Bonsecours

I visited an alley way in Old Montreal and it was too picturesque and beautiful. I was thinking how does Montreal make garbage, and alley ways look beautiful and Paris makes smoking look healthy and good for you? It has to do with the French language. I don’t know what they did, or how they do it, but they make everything look for fricking good. LOL

Once I got to Place Jaqcues Cartier, I walked through a beautiful old cobblestone street called Rue des Artistes. There were men selling their artwork on the street. It reminded me of the artists in Montmartre, Paris with their sketches on the street minus the fact it felt like winter in Montreal and I visited Paris in the spring. Burrrrr, and it still was only October.

It was time to go inside somewhere warm to have a bite to eat. It was then I saw a T-Shirt that reminded me I was in Quebec so I should be experiencing a poutine!! Stay tuned for my poutine experience in Montreal!

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