Montreal Poutine – Quebec’s Fast Food!

By | November 15, 2011

My Poutine experience in Montreal was at Montreal Poutine on 161 Saint – Paul EST, which is on a street just right off of Place Jacques Cartier through Rue des Artistes. For those of you have never experienced a poutine before it is a dish made with French fries, gravy and curds of cheese. The cheese isn’t completed melted, so don’t confuse this with the American version of disco fries. 😛 Poutine originates in Quebec, but can be found all over Canada.

I dined outside on their terrace which fortunately had outdoor heaters. Now, I never knew this but you can have the regular poutine which is with French fries, gravy and curds of cheese or you can add to it different meats. I had never seen that before. I stuck to the regular kind. My Poutine Reguliere cost $7.50 and was a huge portion. Super yummy and super high in fat! LOL……. Well whatever, you need to experience the cuisine of a destination even if it’s their fastfood! And this is why French girls are skinny and I am North America. LOL …….



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