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By | November 24, 2017

Your supervisor should respect the students, he must have a solid teaching experience, and have a number of scientific openings. It is proved that 90% of masters after many years remember and respect their curators if they were initially chosen correctly.

Advice on defending a thesis should also be chosen in advance. With this, we advise you to be guided by your professional activities.

What else should I look for before I start writing my dissertation?

Master’s thesis is written only in one direction or specialty writing research papers
. Each specialty in the university has a passport. It describes the standards by which the selection committee will evaluate your work. We advise you to read as closely as possible with your passport.

The next item is the choice of the theme of the work. But this concept will be fairly divided into the object and subject of research. The object of the study is an area that requires your study and intervention. Your main task is to investigate a certain entity of the object, and not entirely. This will be the subject of research.

Choose the relevant information. The most successful dissertations affected areas that went a little ahead of history. Your goal is to make open, which can be useful for many. Only then will your work be truly scientific and perfect.

Surely you’ve heard such a thing as a scientific hypothesis. Its main idea is that you must put forward a scientific assumption, prove it and predict the result of your research. And, every word of yours must be scientifically proven and justified. But do not despair, if you start to argue and strongly refute your hypothesis. This is perfectly normal during protection.

The next thing you should definitely do is make a work plan. These can be your personal notes or notes in a draft. With the help of them it will be easier for you to navigate while preparing your work. You can draw up your plan more professionally than writing a draft, and give it to the manager for verification. So he will be able to determine whether you have chosen the right approach. We recommend that you do this to avoid the most common

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